Sedation Dentistry in Los Angeles

For the anxious patient, we can provide you IV Sedation. This allows you to be free of fear and anxiety but still be conscious enough to respond. It is safe and effective and also tends to produce some amnesia effects so you will not remember most of your visit. A dental anesthesiologist is available to provide a deeper level of sedation in the office, such as IV sedation.

How Sedation Dentistry works

IV Sedation dentistry is a way to have your teeth worked on so that you are relaxed and won’t remember much of what was done after, but how does it work? The sedative helps relax the patient. While you maintain awareness of your surroundings, you’ll simply be less responsive to external stimulation, including pain. And it’s a mild sedation so you are always safe.

Patient safety and clinical quality are not sacrificed for sedation dentistry. While the power of sedatives ranges from mild relaxation on one end to total unconsciousness at the other, our goal is to maintain a mild level of sedation in our patients, to where they are comfortable. A moderate sedative will allow patients to stay alert and be able to speak and answer questions, but will make them feel completely relaxed and experience less pain.